Baxter Dury “I Am The Sausage Man”!


Baxter Dury is back! His new album ‘Prince of Tears’ is out October 27th and this is the first taste from it. Can’t wait! All the info you need to own a copy is here:


Jon McKiel – Unknown Source

jon mckiel

Another new discovery for me, despite Jon McKiel having released his debut album back in 2011. This tune below ‘Unknown Source’ is from his new album ‘Memorial Ten Count’, a reference to the boxing tradition of ringing the bell ten times before a fight in memory of a fallen fighter. It’s a beautiful tune taken from the 4th album from the Nova Scotian singer songwriter and it’s out now on You’ve Changed Records.




Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith announces new album ‘The Kid’


I first heard US composer (and synth wizard) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith in March last year when she supported Anna Von Hausswolff at a church in Bethnal Green. Her album ‘Ears’ went on to be come one of my favourites of last year. Well she’s just announced the follow up album called ‘The Kid’ and has released the song ‘An Intention’ from it, which you can listen to below. Can’t wait to hear more!

Juana Molina – Cosoco

Juana Molina is not a new artist, but she’s new to me. I’d heard her name but never listened, until is saw her new album ‘Halo’ in Rough Trade East and thought “what the fuck is that?”! It looks like this:


See what I mean? Well apparently Halo is her SEVENTH album. I must have listened to it 10 times in the last couple of weeks. It’s a strikingly original record mixing acoustic instrumentation and organic percussion with synthesisers, electronics, loop pedals and soft alien (to me anyway) lyrics in Spanish creating an otherworldly record of sonic explorations. Here’s my favourite tune ‘Cosoco’:


Lambchop – The Hustle Unlimited

Kurt Landscape credit Jo Bongard

When I grow up, I want to be Kurt Wagner.
Following on from last year’s fantastic ‘FLOTUS’ album, Lambchop have just released this reworking of the single ‘The Hustle’. It’s titled ‘The Hustle Unlimited’ (a nod to Barry White’s 40 piece string band Love Unlimited) and it’s a glorious slice of orchestral disco which, as always with Lambchop, is not what we saw coming! It’s going to be released on a ltd edition 12″ in August b/w Kurt’s Prince cover ‘When You Were Mine’.

Floating Points channel Pink Floyd in the desert


Floating Points new record ‘Reflections – Mojave Desert’ came out on Friday and it finds Sam Shepherd pretty much completing his transformations from House producer/DJ to full on prog wizard. It’s an expansive and immersive record of synth led explorations.

This video’s a bit weird though isn’t it…

Introducing: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 09.47.52

I came across Nnamdi Ogbannaya when I saw my friend Jon Hillcock post this picture online. Jon’s got great taste and the artwork seemed pretty bizarre so I checked out the album straight away and instantly loved it. I’ve loved hip hop for a long time (and listened to it pretty much exclusively in the early 2000’s) but i rarely come across something this innovative, cliche-free, intricately layered, experimental but also incredibly hooky and engaging. Nnamdi is a multi instrumentalist from Chicago and has played in an endless list of bands, but i highly recommend you check out this record and trace him backwards from here if you dig it.