Digital Crate Digging: Dome.

I think we’re meant to be posting “new” stuff on this blog, but this is new to me, so that will do. Lately I’ve been rummaging around the internet, trawling it’s darkest corners and amusing myself with Wire’s many side projects. It’s their 40th anniversary this year, and they’ve each been quite prolific, so there’s a LOT to discover. I can’t profess to know all of their output, but my latest favourite discovery is Dome.

Dome was an experimental noise project formed by former Wire member Bruce Gilbert & enduring band member Graham Lewis, formed in the early 80s during one of Wire’s numerous hiatuses. I can only find a few tracks online & haven’t found the records on sale anywhere yet, so if anyone wants to send me any of them please, that would be really great. What do we do when things aren’t on Spotify again? I can’t really remember.

Anyway, there are a few tracks on YouTube. It’s all juddering electronics, found sounds, mechanics and occasional synth melodies. Despite being well over 30 years old, these tracks still sound fresh and innovative and, for me, are a real reminder of how important an influence these musicians had and how much of an impact their legacy still has on music today. I am hooked.


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